Here is a brief guide on which are the best summer mattresses. The most interesting opinions and offers on the web to choose a quality mattress at the best price.

Very often we hear about summer mattresses, but we don’t understand the difference well. In the old spring mattresses or worse still in wool, this difference did not exist. There was only one padding that worked as a thermal insulator for both summer and winter, with the disadvantage that in summer there was sweating and there was heat dispersion in winter.

Fortunately, technology has gone ahead and shows us how to choose a mattress based on the characteristics of new materials such as latex or water foam. The manufacturers, in recent years, have made real thermo regulating mattresses that adapt to every season.

Even today it makes no sense to talk about choosing summer or winter mattresses because, in fact, each product on the market has two different sides just to meet different temperatures. Usually, in fact, the winter side is well padded with warm fibers like virgin wool, while the summer side has fiber-based padding such as cotton or linen. You won’t even have to ask yourself which side of the mattress to choose because the indications are always reported.

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If you have to choose a new mattress and are undecided whether to buy a latex or memory, we can tell you that there are some differences. The natural latex is more suitable for the summer while the memory, with the fact that it is deformed according to the weight and heat of our body, will allow us to create a small warm niche avoiding to disperse the heat.

Latex, on the other hand, should be used in the summer because it is a fresh material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, germs, and molds and is, therefore, suitable for periods in which you sweat a lot. Its high breathability makes it perfect for anyone who has insomnia problems due to the heat in summer.

Latex and memory summer mattress:

The best solution, which will keep you from being undecided, is to combine memory technology with latex technology. It offers its customers a latex mattress and memory with which you can serenely face every season and temperature. The price is discounted at 60% and also includes shipping costs.

Summer mattresses: latex or memory?