The quality and system of a box spring bed guarantee maximum comfort, deep sleep, and optimal relaxation. For a premium mattress decides who appreciates the benefits of pinpoint support, flexible conformability and a natural feeling of well-being.

Premium mattresses are distinguished from conventional mattresses by a high quality of workmanship. These include a sturdy, point-elastic innerspring and materials that develop an ideal climate and moisture management from the inside out. The special seal of quality of premium mattresses is the guaranteed pollution-free raw materials such as horsehair, sheep’s wool, and cashmere. The 360-degree sewing of feathers and layers by hand is an add-on of special quality.

Standard or luxury? The main categories of a premium mattress

When choosing a mattress that can meet personal requirements, various factors are crucial: These include over lengths and widths as well as the variant of a continuous double mattress for couples. Also, the high density and arrangement of the feathers for each body weight and stature are characteristic of a luxury mattress. Visit our website and Learn what\’s news at Bestmattress-brand.orgĀ 


The premium mattress likes to take special length measurements of plus 20 centimeters. This is comfortable for tall people, but it can also be interesting if you want to treat yourself to more luxury over the standard 200 centimeters. Also in the width Premium mattresses for two people like to go beyond 2 meters, with all luxury mattresses are sprung to the edge and do without foam edges.

With a premium mattress, the density is higher compared to a simple mattress. This indicates in a value RG how many kilograms of the raw material of the often selected material per cubic meter has been processed. For a high-end mattress, this value is not 50 kilograms per square meter.

  • Over length and special dimensions in length and width
  • continuous double mattresses and suspension to the edge
  • Higher volume weight, not less than 50 kg / m3.

We hope you have understood everything that has been said above. And you do not have any trouble buying mattress.

Standard or luxury? The main categories of a premium mattress